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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Atmosphere & Mood

Recently I started creating the outdoor environments for TIE. One thing I knew from the start was that the outdoor environments needed to have as much atmosphere and fine detailing as the indoor environments did while still being cohesive and aesthetically sound. This in turn meant experimenting with new colors, props, and screen effects to get the desired effect. So without further ado, here's a screenshot of the great outdoors!

It took about a solid week of tweaking and refining everything from colors, prop placement, particle effects and the camera setup to achieve this; and as a matter of fact I'd actually like to talk about the camera setup a bit. Another difference between the indoor environments and outdoor environments is the camera setup, indoors, the camera is dynamic, however, outdoors the camera is static to an extent. The camera has "bounding boxes" which do not allow you to see out of the level, in addition to this the movement settings for the camera have also been tweaked to complement the size of the level (outdoor levels are significantly larger than indoor levels) as well as the parallax background.

That about wraps it up as far as progress on TIE goes for now, criticism and feedback is welcome, there will definitely be more to come soon!


  1. With your outdoor textures being implemented, how close to a complete release or at least an alpha release are you?

  2. In the near future, I'll be releasing downloadable standalone builds and web players. The outside has been updated considerably since this blog post, and I'm currently working on non player characters and your various interactions with them. I want to finish TIE before May.


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