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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

I Guess You Could Play This

So I've decided to upload an early build of TIE for you all too enjoy. I along with Jeremy have put a lot of work into this so far, with most of our time and assets being poured into the new outdoor level, and trying to set the games aforementioned atmosphere and mood. I'd like to really emphasize on the "early build" part of this post because that's what it really is; the most glaring issue being that there is no wall collision at the moment. However, if you stay within the levels, the game will function as it should and its grotesque underparts won't reveal themselves too you!


TIE v1.04


A, D: Left, Right

W: Look Up

E, LMB: Interact

Mouse: Cursor movement


A few side notes before playing, you must be dressed for work before leaving your home, and spam clicking the 'full-screen icon' will disable it and remove it from the game for some odd reason, but that tool is only for the web-player. Speaking of web-player, you'll need to download Unity Webplayer. I've made quite a few changes since I've last shown the game and I'd love to get some feedback from you guys! Enjoy.


  1. Where is the game? I'd like to check it out. I love the concept.

    1. Check latest blog post, builds go out of date.

  2. I'm outside in my undies, thanks!

    Fantastic music. Love the colour palette, has that warm nostalgia feel.


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