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Sunday, April 27, 2014

TIE v1.06 & A Few Other Things

It's been awhile since I've posted here, and I have lots to share with you guys! So the first thing is the outdoors level, there has been a lot of progress on it since the last time everyone has seen it. I was having a hard time making the map feel 'full' before, so I got the idea to place the main character on a sort of middle ground so that I could layer detail objects around him. The final result looks much better than before, and you can play it here:

A, D - Movement

E, LMB - Interact

You must be dressed for work in able to use the leave interaction and go outside.
Next up, I'd like welcome Niko and Veronik too the team. Niko has contributed some instrumental bit's too some of our songs and Veronik is our vocalist. She'll be contributing vocals to both the soundtrack and some of the in game sound effects. So far the soundtrack has been one large collaborative effort and we can't wait for you to hear it in it's entirety.
Lastly is something that Jeremy and I came up with in order for the player to get a better understanding of the character and the situations he will be placed in. Thoughts. Holding down space (very soon) will start to make black/white lettering (depending on the background color) come up from out of the characters head, forming together to make readable thoughts. The main character will have thoughts in every area of the game, as we plan on this feature being dynamically accessible.

Function-wise, mouse support is still a work in progress, however, the cursor and visual feedback for clicking works, but not button detection.

That's about all we have for now, but there will definitely be more soon! Thanks for reading.


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