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Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Where We Are

So I've added a few things to the outdoor level, most notably trees and a backyard area. I've also expanded upon the field some but I don't think I'm quite ready to show that yet. Jeremy is in the process of creating new sounds for the bus as well as making some more proper sounds for things like the door opening/closing and the electrical hum that will emit from the power box.  However, this leaves the outdoor area pretty much done, so the question being, where are we at now and what's next. At the moment TIE functions at a basic level, you can walk around, explore other areas, and interact with that area's inhabitants; but I feel it's lacking in the forms of character personality and narrative (what TIE is about). I'll be implementing thoughts into the game soon, and that will do a great deal alleviate part's of these issues, but in the grand scheme of things I want the player to feel that world is connected and dynamic to an extent.

The first step in doing this is NPC movement. Having the characters pace back and forth waiting for the bus to arrive, getting up and shifting around the bus, reporting to their superiors at work, maybe even turning around to look at objects that may be of the player's interest.

The second step is NPC's acknowledging interactions you have already made and one's you've yet to make. For example, people may complement you on how you look if you took the time to use the shower before work, or speak about you in the open if you are at work and not working.

But not before these NPC's have a place to work, keep an eye out for the office map and a new build... :)

EDIT: Updated the screenshots to the newest version, also updated the Media page.

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