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Thursday, March 19, 2015

Miss Us?

Hey guys! Miss us? Finally got a PC (much nicer than the last) situated through the kindness of the Unity dev community and we're here to finish up TIE (cat sprayed my old one and it fried and I lost everything!). Upon starting the project I hadn't looked at in nearly a year I was initially intimidated, especially since I hadn't been doing any game dev of any type, I didn't recognize a whole lot off the top of my head and it was definitely back to seeing what make the project tick, not to mention updated tools and the like, but we are finally ready to announce our game plan!

In a way we are restarting the project, but not from scratch. We are salvaging our art and most of the code, but we found it might be easier to continue development if the game worked start to finish before injecting all of our art assets and interactions. We plan on a functional build that would allow the player to go from the first day of the week too the last, completing the game, then going back, adding our interactions, new writing, and last but not least our art, which will also be receiving a face-lift as well as some minor tweaking to things like animations (and in addition more of them) audio, and lighting. 

We are thrilled to be working on this again and we would love to have you follow our progress, there will be much more soon...

For now, I've been writing something that has been needed and more or less left incomplete throughout the course of development and that is the 'day manager'. This manager will keep track of the scenes mashed into a day(s), and will hold variables that change over the course of a day(s) to open up options for more game-play related changes as you progress through the week, and I'm happy to report that it is working just fine. We've also been revamping and editing the audio a tad as well, and fixing (again) many of the bugs that plagued the original project. We can't wait to share our progress with you in the next build but for now...


  1. Glad to see this project wasn't abandoned!

  2. dude the artwork is awesome! How long have you been pixeling?


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