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Friday, January 15, 2016

I'm Bad At This Blogging, But The Game Is Okay!

Well, long time no post, but TIE is nearly finished and still alive! I'm just awful at updating a blog, however, I somehow manage to update my Unity/TIG threads from time to time, so apologies and here are the links to those below:

So a bunch has changed since the last blog post for the uninformed, we have a new team member Aeron, who has contributed a massive amount of time and code to this, giving me more time to focus on art and the actual state of the game. We've been hard at work polishing all sorts of things, Jeremy has revamped a lot of the sound and added countless new sounds to the game for objects of all types, from toilets, to light-switches, air conditioning units, to you name it; and is still working on more. Aeron has fleshed out a lot of the technicalities we've faced trying to get the game to feel a certain way, from NPC behaviors, to fades, and all mannerisms of smaller utilities. He has been essential to the progress we are making as a team. I've been doing loads of new art and setting up all the scenes with the proper interactions and making sure they function correctly, we're happy to announce that we completed our first full in-game day which is huge, we know what to expect from the rest (wip of course), and all that needs be done is editting/tweaking of existing interactions.

We're starting work on a trailer, so that you guys can finally see what this is all about. Jeremy and I have a pretty killer plot for players to go through, and we cannot wait for you guys to able to see/play it, it'll be an experience guaranteed to stick with you long after playing.

As has been planned since development started, TIE will remain free of charge to play on Mac, Windows, Linux, and of course, webplayer. And if your itching for something a little more, you can always check out the games official soundtrack on Jeremy's bandcamp page:

You'll also get two bonus songs, "happy thoughts" and "drifter" and a valentines day wallpaper out of it
so check it out! Whelp, that's about it for now...

...however, we'll have much more soon.
Stay tuned.


  1. Keep it up guys, it's looking and sounding more and more beautiful (and emotional).

    I have two questions for you, if you get the chance:
    - What platforms are you planning release for? (at the moment, at least)
    - What are your feelings on YouTube coverage of the game? It might be hard to get the correct feel of the game portrayed in something like a let's play, but I think there could be some value in it.

    1. Thanks Chris, always happy to see someone following our project! Now, platforms, as mentioned above, we plan to build on Mac, Windows, Linux, and web player. All versions have seen testing and work perfectly, so we'll let everyone know if that changes. As for Youtube coverage and a let's play, little far out for now, but once the trailer drops that might change.

    2. Gotcha. I assume you're not planning on releasing it through Steam, Desura, or the Humble Store then?

      And as for the YouTube coverage, that makes sense. I figured it would be something for future considerations.

      Thanks! I look forward to seeing the continued development of Tie!

    3. No nothing like that, right here at home. We'll add the appropriate pages when it comes time. And no thank you! Expect more soon. :)


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