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  1. Nice ! looking forward for updates !

  2. Great looking game! Really love what its about to, its something i may be able to relate to since i suffered depression in the past for nearly 4 years. Nice to see someone making a game about it. Well Done. Danny - 001

  3. Invitation for the Indie Game Contest 2015

    For the third year running, the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival is organising the Indie Game Contest, an international competition for independent video games. In 2014, we received 120 submissions from game developers the world over. Out of the 18 games reaching the finals, the jury awarded the Octopix to The Coral Cave (first prize) and a Special Jury Mention to Savage – the Shard of Gosen (runner up).

    Are you an independent game developer with a beta, or completed version of a game not yet commercialised? Then go for it! Submit your game.

    Finalist games will compete for the Octopix, awarded by a professional jury to be announced in near future. Demonstrations of the games reaching the finals will be held during the length of the festival, from 18 to 27 September, 2015.

    See the official rules.

  4. Hello, i recently saw your game and was sad to see that the dropbox download was no longer available, is there a new place to get it or was it discontinued?

  5. may i know how to dowload the game


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